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Full Day Film

So our day begins rolling cameras the morning of your wedding usually at the bride's house as she and her bridesmaid are getting ready for some makeup shoots and wedding day details like dress, rings, flowers etc..

After we have gotten all the footage we need at the bride's house it's off to the church we go and that's generally one hour before the first of your guests arrive at the ceremony venue i.e. church. We will capture all your venues decoration and layout. Soon after this, your guests will start to arrive and we will be on hand to film this.

Next thing we will have ready is our 3 camera positions within the church, 2 of these will be on tripods getting wide angle shots of the whole room/church and main videographer positioned on the right-hand side of the bride and groom.

The full ceremony will be recorded in UltraHD with additional microphones for the efficient, readers and the groom to make sure our audio is as good as our picture. 

The signing of the registration papers will also be captured and sometimes will like to add some music to the background for this shot and with it joining up the walk down the aisle as husband and wife. 

As a continuation of the music, we will be in a position in an unobtrusive way to also record the recessional line as your guests greet you for the first time as husband and wife. 

The photoshoot is a great place for us to get some great footage as your photographer organise his shots and we are more than happy to tag along with you all to get this footage.

Next thing for us is to set up a position at your chosen venue as we await the arrival of the bride and groom. We will capture your greeting from the hotel/reception as guests wait to greet you once more. After this, we set up your reception room with microphones and prepare for the speeches (Before meal) 

Finally, we stick around for a few hours as the dinner is being served and begin preparing for your first dances


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