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The Newlywed Game Show

Add a real twist to your evenings wedding entertainment 

by adding something that is so unique and crowd engaging.

Everybody has a competitive edge and acting as a team its no 

different. With our smartphone quiz we will make every person

and team feel like they are on a TV game show.

This is no traditional pen and paper pub quiz at all, using high 

octane sound effects and large screens we will make sure

you feel you are part of something that is going to get the whole

place involved and hooked within minutes of playing our Wedding 

Game Show. 


We will help you run a custom made quiz to keep within 

the theme of the day ‘YOUR WEDDING’ together we can build the 

questions around you and your partner and test the rest of the room

on just how much do they know about you. To help you do that

simply click here to start building.


When it comes close to the time to play the game show quiz we can talk 

to guests sitting and ask if one person can download the free app and

help them connect to the host so that we have a smooth transition to

start. If you are naming your guests tables we would ask if they can 

use that as there team name which will help the host to locate them

and have a little fun with them if needs be.

Our Game Show is family friendly and we make sure to keep everyone

engaged for how ever long you wish to run this quiz for. 


Recommended Times To Play:

First off its totally up to you, however we have hosted in the past during

the meal, after the meal, before the speeches or while you and your partner

are away on your photo shoot with your photographer.

However there is always a gap with not too much happening during the time you 

are having tea served after your meal and the time it takes your band or DJ

have set up so we recommend this as the perfect time to host a wedding game 


We will be at hand to talk to tables during deserts to help with downloading the

app and connecting plus we will have 10 spare ready to go devices for any table

that doesn’t have one or has trouble getting sorted. 


Why not visit a Speedquiz venue to sample what one looks like and play along.

We currently have 2 weekly venues that you should visit if you are think about

adding the Wedding Game Show Quiz.

Every Monday at The Cove Bar, Dunmore Road, Waterford. 

Every Thursday at Oskars Bar, Dunmore Road, Waterford. 

This service may only be bundled with one of our wedding DJ packages.

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