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VHS to Disc

Our memories are precious to us and we all want to be able to re-live these when we watch our old home movies or wedding videos back, but for many of us, the way we have these memories stored is not future proof and therefore then can't be watched back so easily anymore. 

Well, we know as wedding videographers how valuable these videos will always be and so we have a brand new service for you to be able to re-live and re-watch as often as you want and better still wherever you want. 

So if you have some great memories on the old format of a VHS videotape that you would like to make future proof then when not purchase the 'VHS to Disc' service.


Here is what you get:

Full VHS to Disc (3 Hours Max)

New Cover art and Disc cover.

Vimeo Share, making your video available online to share with anyone you want and is password protected so only the people you share the password with can view it.

Selz Backed Up, Your video will be available to download from our store 24/7 for life so you will never lose it.

Additional DVD copies are just €15 after first order made.


How to avail of this service:

Simply pay for it using this link,

Post your video tape(s) to use using the address below along with your order number generated from our store.


10 Mountain View

Old Tramore Road



Please include and photo(s) you would like used as the cover of your DVD. Also any further instructions you may have for us. 
If you would rather bring it to one of our drop-off points then please contact us first to begin your order.





The video quality will only be as good as the original tape is in its current state, please allow 21 days for completion of your order. You will be emailed when it is ready for postage along with all your original tapes or photos. 



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