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Wedding Video - Unlimited

We have adopted the most amazing video package which means no couple should go without us capturing the most important day of their lives. 

We also know the couple's wedding budgets can get so stretched sometimes and then they need to choose what services to drop and what to keep. We just can't believe video could ever be one of the things that sometimes get dropped by some wedding couples. Many couples that do drop video have come back to online forums to really regret doing this and wish they had booked a professional videographer. 

Well, we at Irish Entertainments have three pre-pay packages to offer and one new postpay option. If you would rather use your cash for other services and want to pay for your wedding video after you can now. Simply select the 'Wedding Vid - Unlimted' in our booking system and pay the low base rate of just €150 to book this service. The way we approach the day is the very same as if a customer pre-payed for the 'Ultra Wedding Video' (Less the Gobo or Dry Ice) package which includes everything from make-up shots up to midnight. (13 Hours) €1999 (Includes the photo book)

2 Weeks after your wedding you must come back to us and select the wedding package you would like, (Bronze 6 hours coverage €800) (Full Story Film 12 hours coverage €1499). Your original booking for the 'Wedding Vid - Unlimited' which cost you €150 initially does NOT come off the total and is non-refundable under any circumstances***.  


We would ask all couple's to only book this service if you are serious about coming back to us and choosing one of our three options available, misuse of this service by couples could see us eliminating this service and in turn disappointing customers who would honour the completed booking of a wedding package. 

Booked client's of the 'Wedding Vid - Unlimited' are required to select a wedding video package within less than two weeks of there wedding day. Editing will only begin after you have selected your wedding video package.

Please allow up to 16 weeks for us to complete your video from the point at which you have selected and paid for your package. Non-compliance in selecting a package after two weeks means you risk losing all of your wedding day footage as to make room on our storage drives for other weddings.

We will make every effort to make contact with you before this needs to happen. 

Irish Entertainments may make an appointment to meet with you shortly after you book this service to sign a contract and inform you of other details about this service.

Methods of Payment. 

***If you pay in full within two weeks of your wedding the retainer of €150 which is paid before the wedding can be used against your total amount if paid in person with cash, credit card or bank transfer***. 

If you would like to pay with instalments then we can set up a PayPal direct debit plan for whatever amount suits you. 

Minimum allowed plan:

€50 per week over 30 weeks (Full Day Film)

€50 per week over 16 weeks (Bronze) 

If you wish to increase the amount paid or the amount of time needed we can do this to suit your needs. 

This must be set up and running no later than the week of your wedding.


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