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Full Night Wedding DJ - ready to start at 9pm - Bands (Start much later, take breaks, cost alot more than a DJ as there are more members to facter in) Price range of most main stream bands are between €800 to €3000.00

Photo Booth - While most popular photo booths are €450+ and don't use the chromekey background which with ours we do and we can offer cool brackgrounds and props. 

Live Slide Show - When your wedding photographer is long gone home we will be at hand to take some nice group shots, table groups and dance floor action and have a slide show of these picture as the night unfolds. 

Gobo Projection - Custom made gobo projection of your names and wedding date giving your wedding reception room a special and unique look.

 Montage Slide Show - All roads lead to your special day, while many people will know how you met your partner, some won't and what better way to tell the story of how your paths crossed then thro photos, We can tell the story using state of the art video editing software and you can tell your story in just 10 minutes. 

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