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Sparkle Dance-floor

Irish Entertainments have teamed up with Waterford's first Sparkle Dance-floor hire company to offer you, our future bride's and groom's this room transforming feature. This will wow your guests when it comes to the dancing part of your evening starting with you and your first dance as husband and wife. The floor at its biggest is 20ft by 20ft but it can be reduced to what ever your needs are. 

Amaze your guests when comes to the entertainment section of your eveing and with different speed setting and effects we are sure your attention to detail by simply adding the sparkle dance-floor will have your guests talking long after your wedding.

How cool would it be to use the sparkle aisle earlier that day in 

the church or if your ceremony is in a hotel, click the button below for more details?

sparkle aisle
white led floor-800x600
LED Acrylic 1-800x600

Disclaimer: Irish entertainment takes no responsibility of the booking between you and the said party, no accidents, faults, convictions may be laid against us as we are only acting as a referral company for the sparkle dance-floor. If you choose to book the service though Irish Entertainments to avail of offers we will still pass you on the details of the person/company who will be taken full responsibility of the floor and your booking.

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