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Its one of the most talked about packages we offer, Live photo feed again is a first from us that's ever seen and we love it, So when you think about we call have cameras on our phone or a tidy small compact camera in a drawer which we take out from time to time and no better time but when we are heading to an event, this is all good but on average how many pictures do we take when we a re soliazling with family and friends, around 20 maybe 30.

Why not leave that job to us, we have purchased a high end professional camera and we love to take pictures, in face we know when and where to take the best pictures and you can be sure we will have taken almost every persons picture before the night is over and sometimes more than once. If you would like to know what our pictures might look like all you have to do is look around at our website because every picture you will see was taken by us. The best way we offer this is when its integrated into our other services like Disco or Karaoke for weddings,birthdays etc. 

Then at the end of the night we present you with a data disc with at least 150 top quality photos of the night to be taken home. In addition we offer an on the spot printing service so that if any of your guests would like to purchase individual photos then we have a great price of them too. For the people missed out on the printing service and order them here on our site to download or P&P prints.

All photos we take are placed on our facebook business™ account with some making it to this website and its for this reason we can keep our prices down and in return we hope to gain prospective customers wishing to have the same package an idea of how our images look. If you dont wish to have your photos online after your event you must let us know in advance as our default action is to post them.

Live Photo Feed

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