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This is where it all began for us at Irish Entertainments. Having catered for hundreds of brides and grooms over the past 16 years and countless birthday parties we still love the thrill of a full dance floor. Discos have changed a lot since we started and we have always been in the forefront when it comes to changes and the advantages of technology, from record to cd to now digital mp3 and they ability to now not just hear our music but see the videos for it. 

All our purchased digital music is to a very high standard for optimised quality and our currently have a collection of 70,000 tracks on a hard drive we also have access to  30 million tracks, none of this means much unless your DJ has the experience and knowledge of what track is need at a particular moment and that's where we qualify to be your DJ with so much experience.


Features of booking ‘Disco’ 

  • Over 16 Years Experience 

  • Largest collection of music available 

  • Videos to Match Music

  • Online Planners and Playlist Builder.

  • Guest Music Request app on Smartphone.

  • Optional (Live Slide or Hollywood Booth Slide Show) integration.










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