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Birthday Video

Nobody seems to video anything any more, its all about photos and selfies. Video adds so much more and with the advancements in video technology giving us amazing picture quality, we cant help thinking that in the future we will be very disappointed that we didn’t video more special events like christenings, Communions, confirmations, birthday's etc.

Maybe the reason that professional companies don’t get booked for these type of events is because they are too expensive to hire, well now we are making it way more affordable than before. For just €250 we will capture the full event from guests arriving, all the key moments, like dacing, birthday kisses etc. You will be left with a wonderfully edited special dvd or download file that you can cherish the rest of your lives. Best of all we will make a backup copy just incase you ever lose it..

Price Quoted for Waterford Area only, Price may increase in other counties. Please contact us for a quote for this service on other ares.

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