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Birthday Montage

Photo Montage is one of our best ideas and when we done our first one in the summer of 2007 at a friends wedding we have been the must wanted company to offer this service at private weddings and birthday parties to name just two but you can add this to any type of event from retirement to christening or communions. So what makes a good photo montage? Many things do like the photos we receive, the software to create a memorable and heart warming movie with effects and music when all tied together will leave your guests gasping with amazement and you smiling at the great memories coming alive on the big screen.

So to help us make your photo montage we would ask you to gather 50 to 70 photos of memorable moments of your early childhood, teens, to recent and if you can scan printed photos to your computer and add them to your cloud basic storage minder like dropbox which if you dont have your free 2GB space to do this then you can set that up now by clicking on the picture below which speeds up things on both ends, keeps your orginal prints. Dont have a photo scanner no problem we can arrange to come and collect your prints and we can do the hard work for you and we will return them on the night of your event. For the dropbox users please make a folder in there and then share it with us so we can start working on your slideshow right away,    Share with -

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