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Speedquizzing is creating midweek work for DJs up and down the country in Britain and Ireland since 2012. Irish Entertainments was one of the first DJ companies to provide this pub service in Ireland and we still love this format and could never go back to the pen and paper after hosting one of these events nor from the feedback we get would our regular teams want to go back to a pen and paper. 

Now we would love to see this in a lot more pubs across this small island hosting smartphone quizzes and we are here to help you get up and running with training and ongoing support on till you are up and running with confidence as both a host and software operator.


Introduction and training will be available to all who book and purchase  the SpeedQuizHost Bundle, for just €50. In this bundle, you will receive €50 worth of quiz packs from our online store so you can pick from over 2000 packs to be used for training or real world quizzes. One to one training on any Monday evening of your choice from 6pm to 9pm followed by a watch over quiz hosted at The Cove Bar, Dunmore Rd, Waterford to give you a view of this quiz in action. 

20 Hours of mobile phone, landline or email support after your one to one training. 

Details on how to approach venues and managers about your new quiz and how to price the market. How to gain extra work by offering charity and fundraisers a free quiz while you still earn money.

Plus much more.... 


Why Speedquizzing? Well many DJs have so much spare time on their hands during the weekdays while they wait to start Djn again at the weekend. Why not build your profile while advertising your services using the pub screens and smartphones available  for speedquizzing. While in the early days you might not make as much money quizzing as you do Dj'n but this can change over time depending on your efforts made and business plan with the managers you encounter.  

Expand your product and service range and gain new prospective customers which may lead to other service being booked from discovering your regular quiz. 

No need to write a single quiz or hire someone to help you run the quiz for such things as marking and correcting bad handwriting answer sheets or updating scoreboards. We make it so easy for you to find the perfect quiz packs for your clientele in our 24hr store at The  simply read the questions on the software and hit the next button, the software does all the rest for you. 



Book your training now, why wait for someone else close by to you start first and closing in on your area. 




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